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tv   [untitled]    November 27, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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i am the executive director of healing for our families in our nation. i'm the san francisco chapter brady campaign president and chapter president for mothers in charge of nationwide group of mothers, and women, who have lost children and grandchildren to senseless gun violence around the country. i have a deep respect for our city. i have a deep respect for the board members here, many of you i have worked with in the trenches before you even became board members and really respect your leadership. but we're in the emergency room right now. we're in a crisis right now. our children are hurting. and hurt people hurt people. but healed people, heal people. i know, because i was hurt when my son was murdered 1 7 years ago. i wanted revenge and i wanted retaliation, but i got help and
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support. i feel for the young people that go to horace mann and that was my school and we never had the situation like that growing up. we had kick ball and soccer and we didn't have to worry about anybody being killed or murdered. i think this leadership here in san francisco is one that really cares about our city. we have 700 million dollars, you know? we have development going up, but while they are going up, our children are going down and our families are being tossed out and urteachers can't afford to live here any more. we have to stop the violence on every level. not just our schools and our teachers not being paid a decent salary, that is a violent act. they have to move and higher rent. that is a violent act. mental health services not being given to them, that is a violent act and we have to take a good look at this. we're suffering. to hear their voices and their
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emotions, it disturbs me. because it reminds me of my children when my son was killed that. . that is how they sound and it's very painful to hear as i mother. we have the right commissions here and i know you will pass the resolution and i just pray that you think about our children and our future this. is our future back here. they are hurting. we're tired of going to funerals. we want to go to graduations and see them in a cap and gown and not a coffin. please, i beg you to pass this resolution. thank you very much [ applause ] . >> thank you very much. public comment is now closed. comments from the
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commissioners? if not we're ready for roll call. student delegate chan. >> yes. i will definitely vote yes for this resolution, because it really helps to decrease youth violence. i live in the a visitation valley district and i'm sometimes really scared when i take muni through the projects. it's really, really painful to see how the community needs to be fixed and the sac is willing to reach out to any students that need help. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner [pha*-ufrs/]. maufas. >> thank you, commissioner haney and with your permission, if any other colleagues are willing to add their name in support of the resolution, i think i would be grateful.
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>> commissioner norton. >> just briefly i want to say to commissioner haney that i teased you a little bit because this resolution was long, but i think you did a really good thing. you did a really good thing and it was really powerful to see the students here and to see how they collaborated with you on this and how this empowered them and was healing for them, and so thank you. i think it was a really good thing that you did. >> thank you. commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> i want to thank commissioner haney. this was a really important topic for us to bring forward and to talk about. i think it's one of those things that you don't want to talk about. and you know, these are our young people. i work for the city and i am the point person that gets the call from the folks that have to go out when there is a shooting. if the person is a young person, because we have to kind of call into place all of the things that school district needs to support the children
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and our students and i'm grateful that kevin truitt attend these regular meetings and unfortunately they are regular meetings, but we have a really good system to identify the support pieces that need to come to our young people. so as a resident of bay view, i too feel the sadness when i don't see the number of young people out on our streets, enjoying the sidewalks or the playgrounds the way you do when you go into other communities. that really needs to stop. i think this resolution brings forward some really difficult conversations. conversations that need to -- that we really need to have. so i just want to thank you for bringing this forward and i will be supporting the resolution tonight. >> commissioner murase. >> thank you, commissioner haney for bringing this forward. last week i attended the center for youth wellness statewide summit on adverse childhood
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expenses and there is incontrovertable evidence that exposure to violence leads to drug addiction, alcohol adduction and substance-abuse and depression and suicide and leaders in our community, like dr. nadine harris and police commission president susi loftus have really made the case this is a public health crisis in plain sight, and the two-day summit really focused on community healing. and i see the gun buyback program not being punitive. really no questions are asked. you turn in your you guns and take away the risks to the community as being a very important step in healing. and i hope later in the coming year we'll hear from dr. joyderado of ucsf working in the schools on tramu-informed
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approach dealing with students at a very critical time. thank you. >> commissioner haney. >> so i'm not going to say much. there are a couple of people that i want to thank. but before that, i want to ask associate superintendent kevin truitt if he could come up real quick and explain to us, because i think it's important practically what this means for us moving forward right now? what are the things that we're going do as a district if this passs? there was a lot in the resolution, but specifically what is going to happen and what it means in terms of what we communicate and what next steps you have planned? >> good evening, superintendent and commissioners. we have been working with commissioner haney on the gun safety/gun buyback resolution and we have prepared a letter
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to go home to all of the families. this letter, commissioner haney, correct me if i'm wrong, it was sent from congress as a suggestion for several school districts to take part in gun safety awareness. and so we have revised that letter, and we'll have that letter translated. we have the flier for the gun buyback program that will be held here december 13th in san francisco. that will be on another side of the letter to be sent home. the holt health curriculum already includes gun safety less ions for middle school and high school and makes sure that teachers are reminded of those lessons so they will be instructed. and in addition, i was just
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talking to the students outside, and i did want to mention that we have had several opportunities to interact with students at horace mann and with their wellness program and with their administration. and we want to make sure and ensure people that when violent acts happen on the school campus, that we're doing everything that we can to provide the appropriate counseling. they do have a great wellness center at buena vista horace mann and want to make sure that students when they are unfortunately confronted by trauma and tragedy are provided the support that they need at that most difficult time. >> thank you. so just quickly, i want to thank all of the groups that were part of drafting this resolution and everyone who came out and spoke tonight. folks in the brady campaign, maddie and carletta and emma and a number of teachers who were involved and some of them
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couldn't be here tonight, but were involved with the drafting of it. united players with the gun buyback and students had to leave, but they were essential to this and a lot of whereas clauses and different things that are in here came because they felt it was essential to be in here. i was just so blown away by their analysis of it and their feedback, but also i think as all of us are saddened by having young people who at such a young age have had these kind of firsthand experiences with violence. i hope that this effort speaks to that and speaks to our commitment to really addressing it and i want to thank school health and kevin truitt and the superintendent. this was a collaborative process to figure out exactly what we can do and what statement we could make and what information could we send home and what information could we send to school? and all of
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the staff and teachers who work on this issue and are our frontline responders, really around violence-prevention and dealing with truancy, who we know in places like newtown, were the heros that literally jumped in front of folks with guns, those folks in our schools are doing that everyday, supporting kids. so i want to say thank you for the folks from ucsf who were here and part of this and who are going to be make sure that we continue to maintain our commitment to support students and to stand against violence especially gun violence. >> thank you, commissioner. commissioner maufas. >> i wanted to add our city's gun buyback programs happen in every single district in the city all through the year. it's not just this one time particularly in december, but i wanted to remind the public that gun buybacks, that program happens all over the city. so please continue to look for it throughout the year. i encourage my fellow commissioners if you have an
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opportunity to post it on your public and social media outlets, do so. i try to do so every time i see a gun buyback opportunity so folks in the communities know that. gun buybacks are for everyone to help prevent gun violence. thank you. >> thank you. i will just say that i think nationally they have to get on board also, because it's only escalating, and our national leaders need to take a strong stand against it and forget the lobbyists. i think we're ready for the vote miss casco. >> thank you, through the chair, i'm adding everyone's name. mr. chan and miss sinada q. mr. haney. >> yes. before that, excuse me, mr. chan? >> yes. >> thank you. miss maufas? >> yes. >> miss mendoza-mcdonnell? >> yes.
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>> doctor murase aye. >> miss norton? >> aye. >> my wynns. >> yes. >> miss fewer? >> yes. >> it's unanimous. >> [ applause ]. >> thank you very much, this is item k. advisory committee reports, and i have an announcement to make at this time the boe has one appointment on the san francisco elections commission. this appointment is currently vacant. the elections commission oversees all public federal state and district and municipal elections in the city and county of san francisco. the commission's duties include, but not limited to approving written plans, prior to each election, submitted by the director of elections, derek jetering the policies procedures and personnel that would be used to conduct the election, as well as an assessment of how well the plan succeeded in carrying out a free, fair election. if anyone is interested in applying for the position please send a letter to the department of education to
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esther casco to the following address: this application will be open from today, november 18-december 15th and the appointment will be made in january. special order of business. we have one action item. acceptance of the 2014 william settlement annual report. superintendent, will you introduce ruth to read the recommendation? >> thank you, president fewer. in lieu of, i would like to have our general counsel donald davis please read. >> thank you, mr. superintendent. the williams settlement and the subsequent legislation impose monitoring reports on county offices of education related to instruction materials and facilities and accuracy of the
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scorecard. all 39 school were inspected in accordance with the education code requirements and the district was found to be in compliance with the dictates of the williams settlement. so the recommended action is that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district accept the 2014 williams settlement annual report regarding the district's site visits and findings for the district's 39 schools that are ranked in deciles 1-3 of the academic performance index. >> thank you. >> no public speakers are signed up for this. oh, we need a motion and second and it's not in this >> motion. >> second. >> thank you. comments from the board or superintendent? seeing none, roll call vote. >> thank you.
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>> mr. haney. >> yes. >> miss maufas? >> yes. >> miss mendoza-mcdonnell. >> yes, dr. murase. >> aye. >> miss norton. >> yes. >> miss wynns. >> yes. >> miss fewer. >> yes, seven aye. >> s thank you very much, item there are, discussion of other educational issues? there are none tonight, item n consent calendar removed at prior meeting and comments superintendent on this item? >> thank you, president fewer. i would like to ask assistant superintendent bill sanderson to comment briefly what was added to the memorandum of understanding, please
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>> good evening commissioners and superintendent. if you will remember at the last board meeting commission wynns made a request that we make sure that a statement was added about conflict over -- a conflict in the mou of possible fundraising activities and i would like to read the statement that is included in the mou, and i have worked with our legal counsel to make sure that this statement is in the actual mou. and it simply states the sfusd will be initiating in a fundraising campaign for a new facility for the school of the arts in order to coordinate all fundraising related to asawa on behalf or related to asawa school of the arts, friends of
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school of the arts shall provide a description of any fundraising efforts it will engage in related to asawa school of the arts, et cetera. >> thank you. any comments from the superintendent or board? >> if i may? >> commissioner wynns. >> i just wanted to say thank you and that it was important that we do this. this is just another step along the way that we need to take to do this capital campaign for the school. so thank you very much thank you, roll call. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell? >> i'm sorry, i didn't read the whole thing, but just in terms of the accountability piece and who is going to be tracking the funds and who is fiscally responsible for that? how does that -- is that in the mou clearly? is that going to be the friends of school of
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the arts or school district on the funds being raised? >> the funds that are raised for the friends of school of the arts that they will be tracking the funds that they are raising. and the ones that we raise for the building campaign for the asawa school of the arts are on our sidetracking. any funds that they raise, they must submit a plan for what they are going to do to the deputy superintendent for approval. >> thank you. any other comments? okay. that is great. i think we're ready for roll call vote. >> mr. chan? >> yes. >> thank you. mr. haney. >> yes. >> miss maufas. >> yes. >> miss mendoza-mcdonnell. >> why. >> miss murase? >> aye. >> miss norton? >> yes. >> my wynns. >> yes. >> president fewer. >> yes. >> seven ayes. >> next item is moved and
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seconded under f. >> thank you. mr. chan. mr. haney. >> yes. >> miss maufas. >> yes. >> miss mendoza-mcdonnell. >> yes except for items 1 6,7 and 8. >> thank you. doctor murase. >> aye. >> thank you. miss norton. >> yes, on all except for 2f, and 4b -- i'm an employee of the san francisco parks alliance. >> miss wynns. >> aye. >> miss fewer. >> yes. >> superintendent's consent calendar resolutions, for board discussion and immediate action. there is none. superintendent proposals there are another. item f is matt's resolution, that is done with.
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board members support standing committees. a report from the ad-hoc committee on personnel matters and labor relations? commission haney. >> i am asking for $1 million -- no, i'm asking for a report, but we could move on to a report -- >> the personnel committee? i gave that report at the last meeting. >> that is great. report from the budget and business services committee, november 5th, did you give that one already? >> i did not give that one already. so the budget and business services met on november 5th and we actually did not hear the action item, which president fewer is your relation on ethnic studies and we'll hear that at next meeting because staff was not able to prepare a report and need a little more time to prepare a report. we did hear two informational items, which i'm looking for
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the agenda and there it is. two informational items on review of the student nutrition budget and site-based budget al allocations. and so i do recommend to all board members that you take a look. it talks about the amount of monies going to the high schools from various sources. the student nutrition budget review was also very interesting. there is a lot going on in student nutrition and while they are -- while their deficit has increased this year, there is some reasons for that and there is some very exciting work going on. so that was a very informative meeting. the next meeting is december 3rd. >> may we have a report from the curricular and program committee from november 10th, 2014? commission maufas? >> thank you, president fewer.
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as we have been doing in last few report-outs, i will be sharing the duty with commissioner haney, who will be taking over the chairship in the new year. so commission haney is going to speak first on a couple of items. i just have two to report out on. >> we had one action item and i will be quick on all of these. we had one action item which was institutionalizing ethnic studies from president fewer. we heard -- and were joined by some of the folks, a teacher and a professor from san francisco state, who told us a lot about the curriculum. and we actually went over the curriculum extensively. also, a number of questions about some of the logistics of this. so what it would look like? how would we get there? what are the number of
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students that are currently enrolled in ethnic studis? how many schools have it? so a number of questions around kind of logistics of how this would work? but ultimately the entire committee i believe was very supportive and we forwarded this resolution to the board with a positive recommendation. the other two items that i'm reporting on, one is next one was on the multi-lingual pathways. what we heard about there were the ways in which eld is going to be integrated into the curriculum throughout the day under the common core state standards. so it was an update moving forward with the common core for eld and i don't know if the commissioners want to add more about that particular report? the other things that we heard an update
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on high school graduation. there were a number -- if you recall we had heard this at the full board and there were a number of updates and additional questions and data that we were wanting to see, and the good news is that of the 2013-2014 seniors, 92% graduated with those requirements and looked at that broken down by race and what occurred for students -- what was the status of students in last semester? and where they ended up by the end of the summer? that was some of the updated data had a we spent a lot of time on and for many of our students were able to get the credits either by the end of the spring semester or by the end of summer. of course, there was a number of questions and concerns around continuing issues with
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achievement and opportunity gap and your graduation rate. we discussed that as well at length. the last thing is homeless education. we had an update and kind of an overview of how we approach homeless education and had our coordinator that serves as our coordinator for homeless education. and we heard about the different services that are provided. number of questions and conversation around how we identify homeless students and how we define "homeless students?" and how we ensure that they get access to the services and support that they need? it's just something that had more recently been discussed among our community and the public with some attention given to the number of homeless students, over 2,000 identified in san francisco unified and how we as a district are doing everything that we can to both identify those students and support them. >> thank you. >> miss maufas do you want to add anything?
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>> we're dealing our sqis, the school quality improvement session and we had an update and i will just do a quick readout on that. it's really that sfusd staff is continuing their work to meeting the waiver requirements which includes our continued work with implementing the common core state standards and smarter balanced assessment and working in conjunction with other core districts in the process of adopting a new accountibility system and identified focus and other school support -- staff has been posting information and resources on our district website and the majority you can find at the following the curriculum and standards link from the main school district page for us. but please check out the can someone really explain the test video with helpful information for familis about smarter balanced assessment? so on our website, it's on the front page
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it's and really a very clear and concise explanation of our smarter balanced assessment. and if you want, the url. vi [speaker not understood] and we had an update from dr. kaufman regarding our lea plan and it is really amazing work he does to support the district and he on the lea plan have really kept sfusd in compliance with the state and looking at many, many of our strategies and pulling them together and to a very cohesive,
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comprehensive local educational agency plan. i want to commend him and his work. it is ongoing. it is incredibly time-consuming, but i trust him and i trust miss hogandyke and i believe they lead us in the most positive way when it comes to accountability. thank you. >> thank you. now let's see, no other reports. no. oh, so now i'm calling for other reports from -- there is no more standing committees -- i don't believe from the select committee. we didn't meet. so we're on to other reports. >> i would like to thank my colleagues on the school board for participating in the leadership san francisco session on education hosted at san francisco state university. and in particular i would like to make a shout-out to karla bryant and jill who joined me on the panel to discuss
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elementary and pre-k education. they did a fantastic job. >> thank you. yes, i would like to piggy-back on that and give a shout-out to my colleagues, rachel norton and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell when we spoke about 3rd-grade through high school and i would like to also mention that saturday, november 8th i attended a wonderful evening with jordan school for equity, at at teaching for social justice and i learned a lot. it was a lovely evening and met many educators and teaching for social justice is a learned art quite frankly. thank you for invite meg to that. resources will be meeting -- having an event this friday -- i am wondering if our


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